Entertain Me Live Online Series One

May 2nd 2020 7pm - 9:00 pm MST

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Dominick Dear

Mr. Mojo Rising

Margie Chadburn




Mr. Jo Rising

Dominick Dear

Margie Chadburn

Is Everybody In? Mr. Mojo Risin' is the Authentic Doors Experience!  Their shows deliver the music of The Doors the way it was meant to be experienced...without a script, without a bass guitar, and without a safety net! Mr. Mojo Risin' brings a spectacular level of energy and excitement to the music not seen since the Lizard King walked the Sunset Strip.  The ceremony is about to begin...

Dominick Dear is a newcoming vocalist who's been passionate about music all of his life. He began writing songs at a very young age, along with singing covers to develop his voice.  Aside from singing, he also enjoys teaching himself new instruments.  Dominick's top musical influences are Freddie Mercury, Donald Glover, and Bob Marley. He wants to encapsulate the energy and style of Mercury, the creative mind of Glover, and the genuine kindness of Marley to be the greatest artist he can be.

Margie Chadburn is a pop singer-songwriter based outside of Las Vegas. She bypassed auditioning for American Idol and went straight to  – the Jim Hensen Studios in Los Angeles – to record her forthcoming album.  It follows a handful of recordings released independently, including 2010’s self-titled album, 2012's Unlocked Secrets EP, 2014's Cover Sessions, Vol. 1, along with several singles.


7pm - 7:45pm 

Pulpa De guayaba

7:45pm - 8:30pm

Mr. Mo Jo Rising

8:30pm - 9pm

Margie Chadburn

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Sponsors inquire by email entertainmelivemanagement@gmail.com

Come Join And Watch

Suggested Donation Tip $10


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